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etwinning   Sites populaires
5 jours de séminaires pour apprendre à faire une carte mentale (mindmapping). Un site d'une grande clarté, vraiment très bien fait.
Dernières mises à jour: 2/6/2009   Hits: 1062   Plus de détails

Comment être à l'aise avec les autres   rss  Sites populaires
Un blog qui donne des idées concrètes pour toujours savoir quoi dire face aux autres. Cela complète efficacement les principes psychologiques de la confiance en soi.
Dernières mises à jour: 23/10/2008   Hits: 1701   Plus de détails

Apprendre à apprendre   Sites populaires
TRès bon site avec des fiches pratiques à télécharger
Dernières mises à jour: 19/9/2008   Hits: 1636   Plus de détails

Penser autrement   Sites populaires
Généraux  :  Préférence hémisphérique - Cerveaux Droits  :  Raisonnement global  :  Hauts potentiels  :  Intuitifs
Site d'information sur la préférence hémisphérique. Il s'adresse aussi bien aux neuro-droitiers qu'aux neuro-gauchers.
Dernières mises à jour: 16/5/2008   Hits: 1840   Plus de détails

Doloplus   Sites populaires
Échelle d'évaluation comportementale de la douleur chez la personne âgée présentant des troubles de la communication verbale
Dernières mises à jour: 13/12/2007   Hits: 1967   Plus de détails

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Anxiety can strike anyone  from Talent Development Resources  (27/7/2014 10:18) 
Here is a brief excerpt from the article Anxiety and Panic Attacks Can Strike Anyone! , by Bertil Hjert. He thought it was just stress, he had a huge presentation to prepare for but that was las ...
Planning to change  from Talent Development Resources  (26/7/2014 22:11) 
Many authors and leaders emphasize the value of focus and planning to achieve success and personal growth.  This brief video of motivational speaker, philosopher and entrepreneur Jim Rohn [a ...
James Ray on motivation  from Talent Development Resources  (26/7/2014 9:54) 
In his article Motivational Speakers Don’t Motivate , James Arthur Ray talks about how motivation for change and personal growth can work: “Motivational Speakers don’t motivate ...
Art Every Day Month  from Talent Development Resources  (25/7/2014 21:49) 
Lessons From Art Every Day Month Life and biz insights from keeping a regular creative practice By  Jennifer Lee, Artizen Coaching – The Right-Brain Business Plan and more ...
Can stress and bad moods spur creativity?  from Talent Development Resources  (25/7/2014 9:36) 
According to research by professor Modupe Akinola of Columbia Business School and colleagues, negative mood-triggering situations and stress can in some ways enhance creative expression. An artic ...
Anxiety relief: Energy Psychiatrist Judith Orloff on Emotional Freedom  from Talent Development Resources  (24/7/2014 18:25) 
Psychiatrist Judith Orloff says one of the reasons creative people may be vulnerable to anxiety is “They are extremely sensitive.. they are very finely tuned and open to all kinds of energies f ...
The Seduction of Cognitive Enhancement  from Talent Development Resources  (24/7/2014 18:10) 
“It is estimated most human beings only use 10 percent of the brain’s capacity. Imagine if we could access 100 percent; interesting things begin to happen.” That is a comment ...
Jenna Forrest on transcending sensitivity  from Talent Development Resources  (24/7/2014 9:20) 
Author and success consultant Jenna Forrest writes in her memoir Help Is On Its Way about growing up with the trait of high sensitivity. In our podcast interview, she talks about empowering and t ...
Crazy Artists; Mothers Can?t Be Artists, and Other Myths  from Talent Development Resources  (23/7/2014 21:15) 
There are many distorted ideas about creators – including these: ?Artists must be poor and sacrifice their well-being for their art.? ?Artists are ?bad? at marketing.? ?Artists should ...
Be More Creative: What Is Your Self Concept?  from Talent Development Resources  (23/7/2014 9:05) 
One reason for discounting our creative abilities is comparing ourselves to other people, especially well-known and successful artists [such as Dean Koontz and Lady Gaga]. And myths about artists b ...

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