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etwinning   Sites populaires
5 jours de séminaires pour apprendre à faire une carte mentale (mindmapping). Un site d'une grande clarté, vraiment très bien fait.
Dernières mises à jour: 2/6/2009   Hits: 1092   Plus de détails

Comment être à l'aise avec les autres   rss  Sites populaires
Un blog qui donne des idées concrètes pour toujours savoir quoi dire face aux autres. Cela complète efficacement les principes psychologiques de la confiance en soi.
Dernières mises à jour: 23/10/2008   Hits: 1756   Plus de détails

Apprendre à apprendre   Sites populaires
TRès bon site avec des fiches pratiques à télécharger
Dernières mises à jour: 19/9/2008   Hits: 1676   Plus de détails

Penser autrement   Sites populaires
Généraux  :  Préférence hémisphérique - Cerveaux Droits  :  Raisonnement global  :  Hauts potentiels  :  Intuitifs
Site d'information sur la préférence hémisphérique. Il s'adresse aussi bien aux neuro-droitiers qu'aux neuro-gauchers.
Dernières mises à jour: 16/5/2008   Hits: 1877   Plus de détails

Doloplus   Sites populaires
Échelle d'évaluation comportementale de la douleur chez la personne âgée présentant des troubles de la communication verbale
Dernières mises à jour: 13/12/2007   Hits: 2010   Plus de détails

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What makes gifted relationships so tough? Solutions for the Problems of Giftedness  from Talent Development Resources  (18/9/2014 11:28) 
By Cat Robson I could write a few novels with the material from my romantic and work relationships. Lots of drama and disappointment, and loads of self-recrimination. How does giftednes ...
Why worry? Does it help us at all?  from Talent Development Resources  (17/9/2014 23:12) 
A college roommate of mine who was perhaps even more anxiety-prone than I was at the time, once made an offhand comment about life not being much good without worry. An outrageous idea, perhaps, bu ...
Brad Swift: from near suicide to a life of purpose  from Talent Development Resources  (17/9/2014 11:02) 
In his book Life on Purpose: Six Passages to an Inspired Life, Brad Swift quotes Indian philosopher Patanjali: “When you are inspired by some great purpose, some extraordinary project, all of ...
The Edge of Madness: Black Swan and Artistic Expression  from Talent Development Resources  (16/9/2014 22:58) 
In another outstanding post, cognitive psychologist Scott Barry Kaufman includes a wide range of material on creativity and mental health. Here is an excerpt: In the movie Black Swan, the balle ...
Healing anxiety?Dr. Mercola on?Dark Chocolate: The New Antianxiety Drug?  from Talent Development Resources  (16/9/2014 10:53) 
Chocolate could be more than just a welcome distraction, especially from holiday stress. It may have a calming effect on our anxiety. An ounce and a half a day keeps the stress away According ...
Deal With Anxiety To Be More Creative  from Talent Development Resources  (15/9/2014 22:52) 
?How to start? I?m hungry. I should get coffee. Coffee would help me think?? One form of anxiety is so-called writer?s block. This photo is Nicolas Cage as screenwriter Charlie Kaufman in the m ...
Keeping the turmoil in your art?not your spirit  from Talent Development Resources  (15/9/2014 10:46) 
“One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star.” Friedrich Nietzsche That quote by Nietzsche [from the page: Dysfunction / disorder ] is a perspecti ...
Isaac Asimov: What is intelligence, anyway?  from Talent Development Resources  (14/9/2014 22:40) 
Quotes by Isaac Asimov from his article What Is Intelligence, Anyway? All my life I’ve been registering IQ scores like that [160], so that I have the complacent feeling that I’m ...
Ken Robinson on Discovering Your Talents and Passions  from Talent Development Resources  (14/9/2014 10:36) 
The Path to Discovering Your Talents and Passions, with Sir Ken Robinson “In How to Find Your Element, his 7-session workshop for YouTube channel Big Think Mentor , creativity expert Ken Robi ...
Avoid holiday stress with?9 Holiday Depression Busters?  from Talent Development Resources  (13/9/2014 22:34) 
In her article, 9 Holiday Depression Busters, Theresa Borchard shows how to keep stress levels low and depression and anxiety at bay over the holidays. Her 9 tips run from the serious “Avo ...

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