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etwinning   Sites populaires
5 jours de séminaires pour apprendre à faire une carte mentale (mindmapping). Un site d'une grande clarté, vraiment très bien fait.
Dernières mises à jour: 2/6/2009   Hits: 1081   Plus de détails

Comment être à l'aise avec les autres   rss  Sites populaires
Un blog qui donne des idées concrètes pour toujours savoir quoi dire face aux autres. Cela complète efficacement les principes psychologiques de la confiance en soi.
Dernières mises à jour: 23/10/2008   Hits: 1735   Plus de détails

Apprendre à apprendre   Sites populaires
TRès bon site avec des fiches pratiques à télécharger
Dernières mises à jour: 19/9/2008   Hits: 1664   Plus de détails

Penser autrement   Sites populaires
Généraux  :  Préférence hémisphérique - Cerveaux Droits  :  Raisonnement global  :  Hauts potentiels  :  Intuitifs
Site d'information sur la préférence hémisphérique. Il s'adresse aussi bien aux neuro-droitiers qu'aux neuro-gauchers.
Dernières mises à jour: 16/5/2008   Hits: 1861   Plus de détails

Doloplus   Sites populaires
Échelle d'évaluation comportementale de la douleur chez la personne âgée présentant des troubles de la communication verbale
Dernières mises à jour: 13/12/2007   Hits: 1992   Plus de détails

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Perfectionism and Depression: What to Do When Being a Perfectionist Drags You Down  from Talent Development Resources  (28/8/2014 6:09) 
Detective Monk using his level-checking level to see if smaller level is accurate. From the tv series “Monk.” Here is an excerpt from an article by Sedona Training Associates staff ...
Do you have expertise to share?  from Talent Development Resources  (27/8/2014 18:05) 
By Phillip Mountrose and Jane Mountrose Many gifted individuals have expertise to share and this may include you. The issue is how to make your expertise into a profitable business. Experts Acad ...
Constraints and Creativity  from Talent Development Resources  (27/8/2014 5:59) 
One of the basic concepts about the creative process is that it involves generation of many ideas, followed by analytic selection, then implementation. Idea generation may be very ?loose? and unres ...
Keep the channel open  from Talent Development Resources  (26/8/2014 17:44) 
These wonderfully inspiring and insightful comments by dancer, choreographer and teacher Martha Graham (1894-1991), refer to many of the themes of the TalentDevelop sites – such as intensity ...
Shamed and Unashamed?Overcoming Low Self Esteem  from Talent Development Resources  (26/8/2014 5:37) 
Bad to the bone Psychiatrist Michael Lewis, author of the book Shame: The Exposed Self , considers shame to be so powerful because it’s about the perception of having a “defective sel ...
Mental health and creativity posts  from Talent Development Resources  (25/8/2014 17:32) 
The impact of mood disorders and other mental health challenges on being creative. The Mad Hatter : ?Have I gone mad?? Alice : ?I?m afraid so. You?re entirely bonkers. But I?ll tell you a secret. ...
Self-motivation and personal growth development  from Talent Development Resources  (25/8/2014 5:22) 
As a child, we probably did not have to think much about motivating ourselves. If we were in school and had art activity time, we just went ahead and painted something. As adults, we are more con ...
Helen Mirren on miserable self obsession  from Talent Development Resources  (24/8/2014 5:00) 
Much of this site is about how self-awareness impacts our creativity and personal development. But self-exploration can also get obsessive, or we may not find the right people to help, as Helen Mir ...
Highly Sensitive Men More Creative?  from Talent Development Resources  (23/8/2014 16:54) 
Some lists of famous people thought to be HSPs (highly sensitive person), include these men: Woody Allen, Andy Kaufman, Anthony Hopkins, Edgar Allen Poe, Ralph Waldo Emerson, W.B. Yeats, E.E. Cummi ...
The creative experience: intensity or madness  from Talent Development Resources  (23/8/2014 4:48) 
By Cat Robson. As I discovered over the years in my own interactions with the mental health system, when someone with a creative personality is seen through the eyes of those who have a different ...

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