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etwinning   Sites populaires
5 jours de séminaires pour apprendre à faire une carte mentale (mindmapping). Un site d'une grande clarté, vraiment très bien fait.
Dernières mises à jour: 2/6/2009   Hits: 1142   Plus de détails

Comment être à l'aise avec les autres   rss  Sites populaires
Un blog qui donne des idées concrètes pour toujours savoir quoi dire face aux autres. Cela complète efficacement les principes psychologiques de la confiance en soi.
Dernières mises à jour: 23/10/2008   Hits: 1815   Plus de détails

Apprendre à apprendre   Sites populaires
TRès bon site avec des fiches pratiques à télécharger
Dernières mises à jour: 19/9/2008   Hits: 1733   Plus de détails

Penser autrement   Sites populaires
Généraux  :  Préférence hémisphérique - Cerveaux Droits  :  Raisonnement global  :  Hauts potentiels  :  Intuitifs
Site d'information sur la préférence hémisphérique. Il s'adresse aussi bien aux neuro-droitiers qu'aux neuro-gauchers.
Dernières mises à jour: 16/5/2008   Hits: 1932   Plus de détails

Doloplus   Sites populaires
Échelle d'évaluation comportementale de la douleur chez la personne âgée présentant des troubles de la communication verbale
Dernières mises à jour: 13/12/2007   Hits: 2098   Plus de détails

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Elyn Saks, Schizophrenia and Creativity  from Talent Development Resources  (22/11/2014 3:38) 
Cognitive psychologist Scott Barry Kaufman , Ph.D. notes that schizotypy, a milder version of schizophrenia, ?consists of a constellation of personality traits that are evident in some degree in eve ...
Unrecognized Giftedness and Identity  from Talent Development Resources  (21/11/2014 15:34) 
By Cat Robson Embracing our identity as gifted and talented is not easy for many of us to do. Why is this so tough? What beliefs about giftedness get in our way? What leads to unrecogniz ...
Embracing Our Creative Abilities and Inspirations as Gifts  from Talent Development Resources  (21/11/2014 3:30) 
“Something really vital happens if we treat the things that give us the most joy and delight – like, say, our creative abilities – as gifts?” – Jericha Senyak In her ...
Ai Weiwei: artist and activist:?Make a little effort?  from Talent Development Resources  (20/11/2014 15:20) 
The site for the documentary “ Ai Weiwei: Never Sorry ” by director Alison Klayman describes him as “China’s most famous international artist, and its most outspoken domestic ...
Cheryl Richardson and Alanis Morissette on High Sensitivity  from Talent Development Resources  (19/11/2014 17:13) 
“Self-Care for the Creative Soul” was a retreat March 2nd-6th, 2014, at Miraval Resort in Tucson, Arizona, with Cheryl Richardson and Alanis Morissette. Here is a brief excerpt ...
Self-esteem: what?s so good about it?  from Talent Development Resources  (19/11/2014 15:04) 
Gene Simmons , asked about joining the new Donald Trump program “The Apprentice: Celebrity Edition” (starting this evening), gave one of his typical tongue in cheek responses: “ ...
CMHA announces its 2014 ? 2015 National Board and Executive and its new Board Chair  from Canadian Mental Health Association  (19/11/2014 14:00) 
Irene is the Business Development Executive in the Winnipeg office of EY Canada. She has served on CMHA?s national and provincial boards for four years and currently sits on the boards of The Manitob ...
Fear and trembling and an audience?heal anxiety  from Talent Development Resources  (19/11/2014 3:01) 
A fate worse than death Speaking in front of an audience is reportedly more fearsome than death. It doesn’t have to be a crowd – simply another person. But an audience of any size ...
Go ahead?watch funny videos  from Talent Development Resources  (18/11/2014 14:53) 
From Psychological Science, a journal of the Association for Psychological Science, via ScienceDaily : People who watch funny videos on the internet at work aren’t necessarily wasting ...
Being a Highly Sensitive Person: Challenges and Creativity  from Talent Development Resources  (18/11/2014 5:08) 
As a highly sensitive person, we can feel more, react to others and the environment more easily and deeply, and sometimes get overwhelmed by so much intensity and stimulation. But it can also fu ...

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