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Making good use of your quarter-life crisis  from Talent Development Resources  (1/6/2015 12:46) 
?At twenty-five, I was a television literary agent.. I had an office with a view, an assistant, an expense account, power lunches, clients, and business cards? From the outside, my life looked grea ...
Perfectionism and Depression: What to Do When Being a Perfectionist Drags You Down  from Talent Development Resources  (1/6/2015 0:43) 
Detective Monk using his level-checking level to see if smaller level is accurate. From the tv series “Monk.” Here is an excerpt from an article by Sedona Training Associates staff ...
Ruts and Change?barriers to personal growth  from Talent Development Resources  (31/5/2015 12:33) 
Being seduced by the comfort of routine and the known is one of the ways we limit ourselves and inhibit social change. Conservative thinking on both a personal and political level may feel safe, ...
Are self-help books worth it?  from Talent Development Resources  (31/5/2015 0:26) 
Books can be valuable tools for self-understanding and change, but are they always worth the investment of time and money? One of the top selling self-help titles has been “ Awaken the Giant W ...
The Creative Personality: Both Smart and Naive  from Talent Development Resources  (30/5/2015 12:21) 
?I?ll never be the artist I was as a child.? Willa Cather We may value children, and our own child selves, as having more free and unrestrained creativity. But how true is that notion? How mu ...
The Gifted Ex-Child  from Talent Development Resources  (30/5/2015 0:18) 
Qualities of giftedness show up early in life and continue as an adult – characteristics such as being perfectionistic; persevering with interests; being an avid reader; having a vivid imaginat ...
CMHA receives award for dedicated partnership with telecommunications industry  from Canadian Mental Health Association  (29/5/2015 18:43) 
The Canadian Wireless Telecommunications Association annually hosts The Connected to the Community Awards, which pays tribute to outstanding organizations in recognition of their partnerships with Ca ...
Kirsten Dunst and Dealing With Depression  from Talent Development Resources  (29/5/2015 12:15) 
?I think most human beings go through some sort of depression in their life. And if they don?t, that?s weird.? Kirsten Dunst From an article by Josh Patner in Flare magazine, which continues: ...
Being Kind to Our Creative Self  from Talent Development Resources  (29/5/2015 0:09) 
Many talented and creative people are self-critical, don’t take care of their physical and emotional health or self-care needs enough, and in other ways limit how much they can express their c ...
To identify and serve the unknowing gifted  from Talent Development Resources  (28/5/2015 11:58) 
By Sara Harrier Over the decades, education and resources for gifted youth have made significant contributions to the education and mental health fields.  Many thinkers have shed light on not jus ...

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